Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the critical link between treatment and long-term recovery through supportive sober living, allowing individuals to heal from the destruction of addiction and create meaningful lives.

We strive to provide every indigent individual in recovery from substance addiction who desires freedom from the disease of addiction - the option and the financial means to move to sober living home post detox, treatment or incarceration. This chronic population has often recycled through treatment, homelessness and jail many times before they are informed of the sober living option. Most of these individuals are financially destitute by this time and do not have the means to put together a deposit and a couple of weeks of rent to move to a sober home.

Through an application/interview process Pay It Forward provides access to several sober living options - so that these individuals can move directly from detox, treatment, incarceration or the streets to a sober living environment rather than return to their former unsafe, sobriety threatening living environments. Over the past 9 years, Pay It Forward has served thousands of individuals. The long term benefit is decreased recidivism, decreased participation in government resources, reunified families where possible, and individuals become engaged productive citizens of society.

From left: Hamilton K. Barton, Angelia Button, Genny Slater and Ben Brooks.

From left: Hamilton K. Barton, Angelia Button, Genny Slater and Ben Brooks.




Chances are, you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and how their disease affects not only themselves, but everyone around them – their families, their children, their workplace and the community as a whole.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a widespread epidemic in the San Antonio area. The disease of addiction knows no socioeconomic boundaries. Any type of individual can fall to addiction. It is a contributing factor to nearly every problem area of our community's quality of life, including domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, poverty, homelessness, hunger, lack of health care, unemployment, crime, DUI and more.

Drug rehab alone is not enough to aid in the long term recovery of those suffering with addiction. After treatment, they still are faced with returning to the same people, places and things that influenced them during their addiction, potentially back to the streets, due to little to no family or social support, no job, no money, insurmountable stress and weak coping skills that lead many back to relapse and continued homelessness, unemployment, poverty and crime.

From the bottom of my heart, thank everyone that has donated to Pay It Forward to help homeless people and addicts like me... you have literally saved my life.
— Brittany


The problem that we address is that after detox or rehab, they are very likely to return to the streets and substance abuse, due to having nowhere safe to go, having little to no family or social support, no job, insurmountable stress and weak coping skills that lead many back to relapse. Without a supportive environment in which to practice the tools they learned in treatment, this cycle continues again and again with repeated attempts at treatment. We aid in relapse prevention by offering supportive long term sober living environments.