Who We Are


Hamilton K. Barton - CEO

Hamilton is humbled and honored to serve Pay It Forward as the CEO.  He started his service with Pay it Forward as a member of the Board of Directors in January of 2016 and was hired as the CEO in August of 2018. Hamilton himself is a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder and has a deep understanding of the needs of the individuals we serve through our programs at Pay It Forward.

He works tirelessly to advocate for those suffering from homelessness due to substance use disorder and strives to ensure that our mission will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, their families, and the community at large for generations to come.  When not at work, he loves traveling and spending time outdoors with his wife and five children.

Angelia Button - Program Director

Angelia is honored to serve Pay It Forward as the Program Director.  She started her service with Pay it Forward as a volunteer in 2017 and was hired in March of 2018 and strives to constantly learn, grow, and evolve as she reaches her life goals. Angelia is a person in long term recovery and believes it’s a joy to pass on the gift of recovery.  

She is focused on advocating for those suffering from homelessness due to substance use disorder while providing optimal care and services to ensure that clients receive a consistent, integrated and productive experience. She strives to empower people to have hope, achieve recovery, self-sufficiency and live life on solid ground.  When not at work, Angelia Is a mom of five who loves to be outdoors.

Genny Slater - Director of Business Development

Prior to joining the Pay It Forward team, Genny served as the San Antonio Outreach Coordinator for Oxford House Inc. where she worked closely with Pay It Forward on behalf of Oxford House residents. Genny is thrilled and blessed to now have the opportunity to continue advocating for those in early recovery through her role as Development Director. Genny is also a woman in long term recovery from substance use and deeply understands what a vital role supportive sober living plays in helping those struggling with substance use to achieve long term recovery.

In her role as Development Director she will focus on bringing wider attention to Pay It Forward and developing a broad donor base, allowing Pay It Forward to continue to serve all who are in need of our services. A long-time resident of San Antonio, Genny is a graduate of UTSA with a BBA in Accounting. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her 3 children.


Ben Brooks - Dormitory Manager

Ben faithfully serves Pay It Forward as the Dorm Manager of the Next Right Step program. As a former member of the NRS program, Ben knows what is necessary to be successful in the program and in recovery. Having overcome homelessness and his own issues of addiction, he continues to promote "sharing the message" as a way to help others find healing and the resources that lead to success.

When Ben isn't working, he is active in finishing his degree as a counselor, working with his church in community outreach, and spending time with his family. 


Wayne Goldston, Chairman

Wayne Goldston, Chairman

A Message from the Chairman

I am truly honored and humbled to serve as Chairman of Pay it Forward, Clean and Sober Living. This organization holds a unique and special position within our community, with the ability to provide support and resources for people to re-enter life at a manageable pace with appropriate support following treatment. I am committed to helping this organization continue to offer the bridge that allows people to better adjust to life’s realities and responsibilities following treatment and years of damage caused by substance abuse and addiction. 


Pay it Forward has a strong, diverse group of Directors who are just as committed as I am to the mission and purpose of helping to improve the lives of those who have been trapped in a life of addiction. Our organization has supported the restoration of the lives of countless individuals and families since our inception in 2009, and we are focused on sustaining and improving upon the foundation that has been established. We pledge to utilize our resources to fulfill a vision where all of the people we serve have the tools, resources, and opportunity to live a healthy, sober life. 

I invite you to get involved with us in continuing the mission of our organization. Come take a tour, meet with some of our residents, sit down and talk about the transformation that has taken place with some of our alumni, and see what a difference has been made in the lives of those we serve. The ripple effect that their improved lives have on the community will last for generations to come. I look forward to all of the progress and accomplishments that we can make together to ensure that we are able to serve all of those who come to us seeking the hand of our organization to walk with them into a new way of life. 


Our Board Members


Dr. Allen Castro

Vice Chair


Michelle Willis



John “Trey” Valkenaar

Wealth Strategies Advisor


John Tyska



Julie Wisdom-Wild


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Charlotte Jorgensen



Michelli Ramon



Louis Rubiola


Dedicated Volunteers


Amy Stovell

Dedicated Volunteer