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Our mission is to provide the critical link between treatment and long-term recovery through supportive sober living, allowing individuals to heal from the destruction of addiction and create meaningful lives.


Our Impact

Alcohol or drug addiction treatment and sober living programs offered by Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living helps men and women whose lives have been destroyed by their alcohol or drug addiction and improves their chances of staying clean & sober than with drug rehab programs alone. We offer sober living assistance and programs to help them rebuild their lives after they complete drug and alcohol rehab.



Founding Year

Pay It Forward was founded by a recovering alcoholic after realizing that there is a gap in the transitional needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, after completing treatment or incarceration.


spent on housing assistance

Pay It Forward has been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of men and women with substance abuse issues and help them on the road to a greater life through recovery. Over five hundred thousand dollars has been spent by Pay It Forward to help men and women in recovery find housing and get their life back on track.



,Recovering Men & Women Housed

Since its foundation, Pay It Forward Clean & Sober Living has housed or helped house almost two thousand men and women in total.


Our Programs

Our programs have strict eligibility criteria as a condition of assistance or program participation, such as having a sponsor, attending recovery-related meetings, being employed or actively looking for work, random substance use screening and an absolute, zero-tolerance substance use policy. We also provide referral assistance to other collaborating agencies that help the client with job search assistance and work appropriate clothing.


The bridge program

Homelessness prevention help in San Antonio is critical for those in recovery after treatment. We provide assistance to men & women who are coming out of drug or alcohol rehab or incarceration and need a safe, clean & sober living environment to prevent relapse and reduce the likelihood of more homeless families.

the next right step Program

Provides supported, sober living dorm environment for men and women on campus. Our NRS program is exclusively for those who have experienced or are at-risk of homelessness and are receiving services at Haven for Hope. These members have excelled and graduated from a substance use treatment program. 



"Without your help, I would probably be back on the streets. I hope you know what a life-changing experience you are giving me. For that I am truly grateful for your charitable donations." 

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Get Involved

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the men, women, and families in recovery, made possible only by the generosity of the individuals, families, businesses, foundations and board members who choose to make an impact and change lives forever by supporting the programs at Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living. Donate online or give donations in kind to help support those in recovery.


make a donation

You can give back by “paying it forward”. Make an immediate impact by helping others rebuild their lives with a monetary contribution with in kind donations such as bus passes, coffee supplies, grocery gift cards and toiletries.

Sponsor an event

We like to provide social outings for the members of our residential dorm program in order to help them to practice and enjoy safe and sober events. Businesses or individuals can sponsor the cost of these outings.


If you are an alumni, or have experience in recovery and would like to help us encourage our clients through their journey to continued clean & sober living, please contact us!

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